Benefits of Consuming Low Carb Fruits and Vegetables.

Even when I was still single, I am already conscious about my diet. In particular, I watch my daily carbohydrate consumption to avoid weight gain. And I know of many people who are also as conscious as I am in their daily carbohydrate intake. This is especially true among adults who are trying to lose extra pounds or maintain their body weight.

fruits and vegetablesLike any other minerals and nutrients, carbohydrates play an important role in maintaining a healthy and balanced diet. They are considered to be energy-giving foods. However, carbohydrate intake should be taken in strict moderation. Otherwise, you may break your diet regimen.

While you want to maintain your ideal body weight, you also need to fill your body’s need for energy. You have to avoid consuming foods that are high in bad carbs such as foods with high sugar content, rice, cereals, pastas, potatoes, beans, bran and other refined grains. Instead, you should consume low carb fruits and low carb vegetables. These type of foods offer many health benefits to your body:

Stable energy levels

While you are cautiously checking your weight, a great feeling of your overall well-being will be manifested as you are becoming energetic, vibrant and healthy just as your low-carb diet healthily works and affects your body physically.

Weight loss

Many studies reveal that low-carb and Mediterranean diets were found better and more effective than the low-fat diet in weight loss. Moreover, overweight and obese people who are under a low-carb diet have the tendency to reduce spontaneous food intake, which in turn helps improve their general health and cardiovascular condition.

Lower risk of heart disease and diabetes

Another benefit of consuming fruits and vegetables that are low in carb is that it lowers your risk of heart disease and Type 2 Diabetes. This is because these foods help lower the bad cholesterol in your body which are the main causes of many heart diseases and diabetes.

Insulin levels are reduced

Dropping carbohydrate intake would also mean decreasing the amount of insulin circulating in your plasma. As a result, more nutrients will be absorbed by your body cells. It also results in the suppression of hormones that liberate fat in your body.

Increase fat metabolism

Consuming fruits and vegies that are low in carbohydrates can lead your body to increase its fat metabolism. This is a stage when the body will burn-off more fats to be used as energy by the body.

Consuming fruits and vegetables that are low in carbohydrates offers many health benefits. They can help you maintain your level of energy, lose weight, prevent you from suffering certain diseases such as diabetes and heart disease, and help you increate your fat metabolism. All these health benefits lead to overall wellness.

There are many fruits and vegetables that you can consider if you are on a low carb diet. It is also important that you should know them so that you can watch your carbohydrate intake. And mind you, I have a list posted in our refrigerator to keep me reminded always.


Why you should never ignore liver pain

back painIt was in June that I first started feeling the pain in my back. It was the wedding season and I had a busy schedule as I am a wedding planner who has been working in the Denver, Colorado area for 10 years, since we moved to this area right after our marriage. On top of that my twin girls can be a handful at times and between work, the twins, and my husband, I don’t get much time to myself. Thus, with all the things happening in my life, I chose to ignore the back ache. Afterall, it was just a bit of pain and inconvenience, nothing serious. I could not have been more wrong. Now, when I look back I realize I should have gone to the doctor just to be sure. As it turned out, the back ache was actually liver pain which I had misdiagnosed. This is fairly common because liver pain seldom feels like it is in the liver – it actually presents itself as back ache or stomach ache and sometimes people confuse it for pain associated with kidney stones.
I had the pain for days and when it refused to go away and began to intensify, I gave in and decided to go to the doctor. You can imagine our horror when she told us that it was liver pain and further tests were needed to determine what was causing the pain. Hepatitis, liver cirrhosis, cancer and other scary conditions kept me up at night as I prayed to God that it was something curable. Luckily for me, when the test reports came in the doctor said I had a condition known as the fatty liver disease in which the size of the liver increases by almost 10 percent. The good part was that it was curable via exercise and balanced diet. The disease is hereditary and can be accompanied by diabetes and high cholesterol.
Following the doctor’s advice, from that day onwards I made major changes to my lifestyle and diet. I knew that I had to fight this disease if I wanted to live long enough to see my daughters walk down the aisle. The doctor told me it was best to stay away from medication and that was exactly what I planned on doing. The first thing I did was to cut out junk food from my life completely to the point that I was eating a portion of fruit or vegetable salad with every meal. Colas and caffeinated drinks were the next to go. Similarly, I made it a routine to exercise 3 times a week for at least half an hour every day.
All this was a year and a half ago. My pain subsided soon after I made the changes and at present I feel completely healthy and my energy levels are higher than ever. Needless to say, I am also in a much better shape now that I stay away from fatty foods. My advice to the reader: Never ignore aches or pains in your body. It is a sign that something is not working properly and the sooner you fix it, the better.


5 Ways to Increase Your Chances of Conceiving

As a wedding planner, I am saddened to see couples I have worked with breaking up or divorcing after several years of marriage just because they are unable to conceive. While I cannot blame them for their shattered marriage, I just wish they could have tried harder.

I could not describe the joy when we first hear the news that we are having a baby. And what’s more, they are twins! That is why I could also understand why some couples are just so eager to have children after several years of marriage. Some couples are just so lucky enough while sadly, others end up in divorce.

pregnancyThere are several reasons why a couple cannot conceive. Among the more serious reasons are infertility and obesity. But there are many other factors that can affect pregnancy. I may not be a professional doctor but as a mother and wife myself, I personally know of ways to increase your chances of conceiving:

1. Have sex at the right time.

The chances of pregnancy are highest when the female is most fertile. Some women do manual counting through the calendar method and following some guides online. But many women prefer to use the ovulation or implantation calculator because it saves them the hassle of manually counting and marking calendars. It is also more accurate.

The implantation calculator will show you possible dates of implantation based on the date of your last period. The implantation date is the right time to have sex because it is when a woman is most fertile.

2. Don’t smoke.

Heavy smoking damages the lining of the womb, making embryo implantation hard or almost impossible. And if you are already conceiving, smoking may also cause complications in your pregnancy and may endanger your child’s life. If you are trying to conceive or are already pregnant, avoid or completely quit smoking.

3. Don’t drink alcohol.

Drinking alcohol can cause hormonal imbalance which affects reproduction among women. Even in just small amounts, alcohol can affect your menstrual cycle. Heavy drinking can also cause irregular periods or early menopausal. So if you like to conceive, avoid taking in alcoholic drinks.

4. Have a balanced diet.

Eating healthy and balanced foods also promotes pregnancy. This is especially true because obesity or being overweight can cause your menstrual cycle to be abnormal, thus decreasing your chances of pregnancy.

5. Reduce your caffeine intake.

Drinking one cup of coffee a day is fine. But if you drink more than that, you are lowering your chances of pregnancy. Caffeine lowers sperm count in males and decreases fertility among females. It can also cause lower birth weight and miscarriages. It is safer to avoid caffeine altogether when you are trying to conceive.

Pregnancy will be higher if you are able to time your sex at the right time with the help of an implantation calculator and completely avoiding smoking and drinking alcohol or caffeine. It is also good to have a healthy lifestyle and balanced diet. However, if you are still unable to have a successful pregnancy, you should consult a doctor or specialist for help.


Getting to Know More about Pomsky Dog

One time, a friend of mine asked me what kind of pet dog I like to have. Needless to say, I just love any breed of dogs. But I am particularly interested in owning cute and cuddly breeds. And the latest that I like are Pomskies, check them out here. I don’t own one yet, but I would love to have one as a great addition to our family.

Pomskies are a Husky Pomeranian mix. One of its parents, the Pomeranian dog, is a Spitz-type dog breed. They are known for their very thick coats and small size and weight of approximately five to 20 pounds. They are also playful, friendly, intelligent and trainable. About the other parent, Huskies are Siberian dogs. They are robust and athletic. They have thick coats too, but not as thick as the Pomeranian. They are also better known as working dogs rather than pet dogs.

Breeding a Pomsky would be very interesting as the outcome would generally be extremely cute dogs. They are generally small to medium in size, ranging from 15 to over 25 pounds. If the parents are no longer purebreds, the resulting Pomsky would possibly be smaller in size. The physical characteristics of Pomskies widely vary, depending on which of its parent’s characteristics would dominate. Some may look like a miniature Husky while the other could take the Pomeranian characteristics. This is evident when you see that some Pomskies have thick and full coats, more like a Pom, while others have thinner coats.

Both Huskies and Pomeranians are dogs that thrive in the Arctic region. That is why the physical features of Ponskies, particularly their coat, are more suited for cold weather.

When it comes to their temperament, most Pomskies get the combined temperaments of their parents or somewhere in the middle. For instance, Pomeranians bark well, while Huskies are more of the silent type. As a result, Pomskies are not too loud but are also not silent. They just fall in between. But there are other Pomskies that have the tendency to be loud if not well-trained by their owners.

To keep your Pomsky physically at its best, you need to let it play or exercise regularly. You can also give it daily training to develop its good traits and to keep them active. Pomskies are very teachable dogs and you will be amazed by how much they could learn in just a week’s time.

If you like to own a Pomsky, you may need to save first because it might cost you your savings. They are considered to be “Designer” breeds which are currently in high demand. I would say they are somewhat costly as their price ranges between $1,000 and $1,500 per puppy. Their prices sometimes vary, depending on the location, breeder and the gender of the puppies.

While there are other different kinds of lovable dog breeds around the world that can be a good family pet, a Pomsky can be a good choice. Of course, you have to consider first if you really like its physical features and if you are willing to shell out that high cost.


How to Temporarily Hide Tattoos

Most people who have tattoos normally show-off their body art whenever they have a chance. And I especially notice this when I go to the malls or just walk down the streets. I see women wearing tubes or low necklines to showcase their body art on their back or on their neck. Some men wear shorts and sleeveless to also show their tattoos on their arms or legs. And perhaps you too have experienced seeing a person with a tattoo, feeling confident about their ink on the body.

But not all the time do these people feel proud to show off their tattoos. In fact, I know of a friend who conceals her tattoo whenever she will have a job interview. Unlike chest tattoos for men or side tattoos for girls which can be easily hidden by wearing a shirt or a dress, her tattoo is on her right leg, just a little above the ankle. It is difficult to hide because she will have to wear slacks or socks. That gives her little flexibility on her interview attire.

I wonder how many other people out there are looking for ways to hide their tattoos and so I asked around and researched more about this subject, hoping that I could also help my friend.


Some tattoo placements are very easy to hide with clothing. Among them are tattoos in the chest, side, back, belly and upper thigh. Tattoos in other parts of the body such as arms, neck and face may be more difficult to hide. Also smaller tattoos are obviously easier to hide that larger ones. If you have a tattoo around the neck, a high collared shirt or a turtle neck can hide it. For women with tattoos on the ankle area as well as in the thighs and calves, just like my friend, they can be hidden by wearing knee length boots or dark tights. Long slacks or pants also work for both men and women. For large tattoos on the chest or belly area, wearing an undershirt can reduce their visibility. For tattoos in the arms, you could wear a light jacket or long-sleeved shirt or dress.


Bandages and accessories are only applicable for small tattoos. For instance, a small tattoo around your neck may be concealed by just wearing a scarf instead of a turtleneck shirt. For small tattoos on the wrist, you may hide it by wearing cuff bracelets or a watch with a thick band.


Some professional makeup artists claim that it is possible to hide certain tattoos using only makeup. However, since makeups are generally not waterproof, they may not be suitable for tattoos on areas that you frequently wash during the day, such as the hands. However, there are sealers that are water resistant which can help deal with sweat, but not washing.  One of the most popular brands of makeup for covering tattoos is Ben Nye. It is a coverup makeup which is applied like a foundation. But it may take several trials before you will be able to master the use of makeup for concealing your tattoo.

These are just some of the more effective ways on how to hide a tattoo based on my research. So the next time you will be on an interview on in any situation when you like to keep your tattoo out of sight, consider some of the tips mentioned here.

5 Things Children Can Learn from Coloring Pages

Lately, I have seen how my girls got hooked to Disney’s Frozen coloring pages. I knew that Frozen is the latest Disney hit but I did not know they had coloring pages until I saw them in the coloring pages section when we went to one bookstore. Aside from Disney’s Frozen, I also saw other familiar coloring pages such as the classic Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast coloring pages. And one of my daughters also got interested with a superhero Skylanders coloring pages.

I know that my children’s interest in coloring pages has some benefits. For one, it makes them more confident in identifying colors. Aside from the basic colors like red, pink, green and yellow, my children also became familiar with other colors such as fuchsia, crème, teal and many other complex colors.
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