5 Things Children Can Learn from Coloring Pages

  • SumoMe

Lately, I have seen how my girls got hooked to Disney’s Frozen coloring pages. I knew that Frozen is the latest Disney hit but I did not know they had coloring pages until I saw them in the coloring pages section when we went to one bookstore. Aside from Disney’s Frozen, I also saw other familiar coloring pages such as the classic Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast coloring pages. And one of my daughters also got interested with a superhero Skylanders coloring pages.

I know that my children’s interest in coloring pages has some benefits. For one, it makes them more confident in identifying colors. Aside from the basic colors like red, pink, green and yellow, my children also became familiar with other colors such as fuchsia, crème, teal and many other complex colors.

Aside from identifying colors, coloring pages also teach my children how to color. With constant practice, they were able to master the art of coloring. They became “experts” in coloring which involves concentration so that the color will not go out of the lines even for small objects. If you will see their coloring pages, you may think they were colored by adults.

You may not believe it but coloring pages can also teach children how to draw. Ever saw your children trace or copy drawings from their coloring books? I did, many times. And I know that over time, they will also develop confidence in making their own drawings. But for now, tracing and copying can teach them some basic doodling techniques.

Coloring pages teaches values. You may not agree with me on this one but it can be true. However, it is not applicable on all coloring pages. I’ve seen ones that have drawings about good values like a child helping an elderly woman or a child sharing his toy. This kind of coloring book indeed teaches a child some good values. Parents have an important role in teaching children about good manners and right values. And there are some coloring books that parents can use as a material to illustrate these values.

Lastly, coloring pages can stir a child’s imagination. Using their coloring pages, they can tell many stories about one drawing. One of my girls became good at it. She would pick up one drawing, for instance a drawing of Elsa making snow in the Frozen coloring pages. My girl’s creative mind would make different stories about that particular drawing. And it is a different story every time, putting some good twist in the real story of the movie.

Based on the many benefits of coloring pages, I consider them one of the best learning materials for children. You can start introducing this to your child as early as he or she can already hold a crayon. Over time, you will see how your child’s coloring, drawing, and story-telling skills will improve as they become interested in coloring pages.