Basic Grooming for Dogs

  • SumoMe

Dogs especially poodle mixes like Yorkie poodle are now gaining in popularity in wedding and photo shoots. Many pet owners would like to give their dogs a special role on their wedding day such as being the ring bearer or flower girl. I have witnessed this in a number of occasions when I planned weddings before. If you are considering this unique concept, it is important that you know about pet grooming which is needed for this special occasion.


You like your dog to smell good on that special day and bathing is the most basic grooming method you should do.

Bathing dogs is generally done once every month, but it will not harm your dog if you bath it once a week. When bathing your dog, use a shampoo that is intended for them. If your veterinarian recommends a specific shampoo for your dog depending on its coat and skin, then use that shampoo and follow any special instructions for bathing.

Hair Brushing

Many dogs enjoy hair brushing than bathing. So this task should be easier for you to do. The frequency of brushing all depends on the type of hair your dog has. For short-haired dogs, they can go up to one month without brushing, so there may be no need for you to brush on the day of your wedding. For medium-haired dogs, they need to be brushed at least once a week to avoid tangles and matting. And for long-haired dogs like poodles, you need to brush them daily. That means you have to brush the hair of your dog on your wedding day.

Nail Trimming

Most dogs dislike it when their nails are being trimmed. It could hurt them if their nails are cut too short. Most dogs need their nails trimmed once a month but sometimes, you may have to trim them more frequently depending on the rate of growth. At least one week before the occasion, check your dog’s nails if they are already long. Be sure to trim them if they already are. You don’t like your dog to hurt your guests or for it to scratch your precious gown or tuxedo.

Ear Care

You like your dog to look its best and that entails not just dressing it up and grooming its hair but also cleaning its ears. If your dog’s ears are dirty, it can be a haven for bacterial growth which in turn could develop into an infection. Be sure that your dog’s ears are clean. You could check them out and clean them during its regular baths.


While it may be unnecessary, you may also want to consider trimming or cutting your dog’s hair for your occasion. Some breeds of dogs may really require regular haircuts, not just for style but also to maintain a healthy hair.

Your dog can be a great asset on your wedding ceremony. But just like you, your dog needs to be groomed on that day. And while you are busy and may not be able to attend to these matters, you could hire someone to do them for you.