Common Pregnancy Problems and their Remedies

  • SumoMe

For most newlyweds, pregnancy can be considered as the next important milestone in their life, after the wedding ceremony. I am talking based on my own experience. After our wedding, my husband and I were so delighted at the thought of starting our own family. When it was confirmed that I was pregnant, we were so happy to hear the news.

I can say that my pregnancy is a relatively safe one with not much complications or problems. However, I had experienced having diarrhea during pregnancy and it was the most annoying moment for me that time. I don’t like to take any medications because I was afraid it might have a negative side effect on the baby.

Aside from diarrhea, I know of some other common illnesses that can affect pregnant women. And it would be good to know what they are and be familiar with their home remedies. Home remedies are generally safer during pregnancies because they normally have no known side effects.


There are different causes of diarrhea among pregnant women and include food poisoning, hormonal changes, dietary alterations, and intolerance to certain foods or vitamin supplements. Symptoms may include frequent visits to the bathroom and abdominal cramps. Among the most effective remedies for diarrhea are ginger root and honey. You could boil one cup water with one piece of crushed ginger root. Steep it for about 15 minutes and then strain the ginger tea. Let it cool then drink to relieve the upset stomach. You could also drink it after meals to help in digestion. As an alternative, you could also prepare a mixture of one glass water with four tablespoons of honey.


Dealing with constipation during pregnancy may be similar with dealing with toddler constipation. It can be easily remedied by eating foods that are high in fiber and drinking plenty of water. You have constipation if you discharge less frequently than your normal routine. If you are taking in iron supplements, it may be one of the causes for your constipation. Ask your doctor if it is possible to skip on the supplements or to find an alternative.


Most pregnant women experience cramps especially at night during sleeping time. Cramps are a sharp and sudden pain affecting the calf muscles. It is still unknown what really causes cramps but researches have some ideas on how they can be prevented or can ease the symptoms. Cramps can be prevented with gentle but regular exercises involving leg movement. To ease the cramps if already happening, hard rubbing or massaging on the affected muscles while trying your best to relax them will do the trick.

Feeling faint

Because of hormonal changes, most pregnant women often feel faint. It happens when the brain does not receive enough oxygen that it needs. Feeling faint normally happens when you suddenly get up from a sitting or lying down position. You can avoid this feeling by slowly getting up from your original position. If you are already feeling faint, simply sit down again and wait for the feeling to subside.

If you are planning to get pregnant or are already pregnant, knowing these common pregnancy problems as well as their remedies can help you overcome them without taking any medication. But it is important to note that if symptoms persist despite trying the home remedies, consult your doctor.