How to Let Your Dog Participate on Your Wedding

  • SumoMe

One of the most exciting realities about planning a wedding is that you get to experiment with different concepts that can make the entire celebration unique and more memorable. And I just love unusual concepts such as letting the bride ride on a horse-drawn carriage than in a bridal car, or getting your dog to be the ring bearer instead of a child.

Nowadays, there is an increasing popularity of having dogs in wedding ceremonies. Many pet owners who consider their dogs as part of the family are willing to train them to perform important roles in their weddings such as being part of the entourage as the ring or flower bearer. In most cases, when a dog is present in the wedding, it becomes a memorable occasion for everyone.

If you are looking into the possibility of also including your dog in your wedding ceremony, there are several important factors that you should take into consideration. Add these to your checklist:

Dog’s Personality

If you were able to train your pet to be sociable, obedient and well-behaved around other people, then you will have no problem in training your pet for a specific role in the wedding. Most breeds of dogs can be trained for this. But I find a teacup Pomeranian as among the cutest dogs for weddings. But you should know that even well-trained dogs can be overwhelmed by a big crowd, causing them to misbehave unexpectedly.

Confirm if Dogs Are Allowed in the Facility

You don’t like to show up in your wedding with a dog as a flower girl or ring bearer only to be informed that dogs are not allowed in the facility. Be sure to confirm this first before even considering giving your dog a role in the wedding.

Hiring a Pet Sitter

During your wedding, you will be busy with entertaining guests among other things, and you may not be able to look after your dog before, during or after the ceremony. It would be good to hire a pet sitter who will serve as your dog’s companion and guide on what to do during that time.

Inform Your Guests

Inform your guests through your wedding invitation or wedding website that you will have a dog present during the ceremony. This information can be helpful for guests with allergies so that they can prepare accordingly.

Pet’s Health

At least one week before the wedding, bring your pet to the veterinarian for a checkup to ensure that it is in good health. Be sure that it is not suffering from dog ear infection(more info here), skin diseases, or any other serious illnesses; otherwise you may have to pursue an alternative plan.

Inform Your Photographer

Request your photographer in advance to capture your dog in action. It is a rare and unique opportunity for you and your dog, and it would be good to have your best moments captured.

While many facilities may allow dogs in wedding ceremonies, some locations may not. If that is your case, you may instead just have your dog present during the photo shoots. That way, your dog can still be a part of the special occasion.