On Planning Weddings

  • SumoMe

Having a job as a wedding planner makes me do what I like doing most. Back when I was a kid, my other sisters and I used to play weddings all the time and I always play the part of the wedding coordinator. I will do everything that we know about weddings back then, from setting up the altar and decorating everything with flowers and laces, to making them walk and act a certain way. We always had a blast doing it, even if we were all girls to start with.

Now that I am of age, I feel very lucky to have to bring it to real life and have it as a career of some sort. It does pay very well and it also fills a special space in my heart being able to do it in reality. I do not treat it as a job but as a passion of mine. The saying is true that you have to find what you like, do it, and you don’t have to work a day in your life, that’s me in a nutshell.

It does get rather hectic sometimes and the work to be done for every wedding is enormous. Fortunately I already learned how to take everything in stride and have already devised ways on how to go about it smoothly. I never get rattled as I am aware that problems do crop up when you least expect it and I take everything as it is. I also do have the best yoga DVD at my side always, just in case everything gets out of hand.

I already have collected an extensive resume of weddings that I took care of and every wedding that comes after is just a breeze. I have a master plan on how to go about doing weddings and all that is needed to be added are the special requests of the principals, which I’m afraid, are sometimes crazy and out of this world. But hey, it is their day and everything they wish for, I try my very hard to fulfill.

I too have most of the equipment needed to be a wedding planner and all the people connections that I will ever need. Need cakes? No problem as the cake people are just a phone call away. Honeymoon no problem. They can go anywhere they want to go as I have the best travel agent that is always happy to receive my queries.

Pictures are another area of concern as weddings need to be forever remembered through pictures and film. I also got that one covered as I do have my own team of photographers and cameramen available with a simple beck and call. Right now we are planning to buy the best travel tripod for use in those hard to fathom places that our clients seem to be gravitating to.

Everything that they want, I could give. I’ve been at it this long for me not to know anything with regards to how to make a wedding successfully happen. If you got a wedding coming up then don’t hesitate to give me a call and I will give you a wedding that you will remember for a long time, and that’s a promise. I’ll give you a discount too while we’re at it.