What Is Pleural Effusion and When to Call your Doctor?

  • SumoMe

Who would like to be sick on their wedding day? Certainly, all couples would like to be on top of their health during this joyous occasion. That is why many soon-to-be-weds exercise caution in all their activities to avoid accidents or getting sick prior to their event.

However, there are certain illnesses that could just strike anytime without prior notice. One of them is pleural effusion. By itself, it is not something you should worry about because it may simply go away unnoticed. But there are cases when it needs treatment to avoid complications.

Pleural effusion refers to the abnormal buildup of fluid in lungs. There are several factors that can cause pleural effusion such as heart problems, pneumonia, liver disease, kidney problems, respiratory disease, autoimmune disease, and several other conditions. Aside from these diseases, pleural effusion may also result from outside factors such as stress, smoking, using illegal drugs, inhaling toxins like ammonia and other home cleaning agents, a near-drowning experience, and being constantly in high altitudes.

Pleural effusion is caused by an underlying sickness and is something you cannot avoid. What you can avoid are those outside factors. Don’t be so stressed out about your wedding preparations to avoid health risk complications including liquid buildup in the lungs. When you are hands-on on your wedding preparations, be sure to have a wedding coordinator who will absorb the pressure and stress. Also, avoid exposure to toxins when preparing your decoration. If you smoke, try to limit it because stress plus smoking can lower your immune system and put you at risk with various health problems.

More often, less serious pleural effusion does not manifest noticeable symptoms. But in some cases where the condition is more severe, several symptoms might be noticeable such as chest pain, shortness of breath, cough and fever. If you start noticing any of these symptoms and you know that you had any of the underlying conditions or have been exposed to outside factors, it is important for you to see your doctor immediately. Aside from these symptoms, your doctor might also perform a series of physical examinations or may request you to undergo certain tests to confirm the diagnosis.

Once diagnosed that you have fluid buildup in the lungs, there might be a need to give you oxygen to aid in breathing. Your doctor may also recommend certain medications that can restore normal breathing. If you like natural remedies, you could also use natural antihistamine that can be found in various herbs and pantry ingredients such as garlic.

Prevention is always worth more than all kinds of cure or treatments. It is possible to avoid pleural effusion and other health problems that may affect you while your wedding day is coming. In all stages of wedding preparation, your health should always be your top priority. Don’t compromise on your health by too much stress and busyness. After all, what is the use of all your preparations if your wedding cannot push through because you are in the hospital due to sickness?