How to Temporarily Hide Tattoos

  • SumoMe

Most people who have tattoos normally show-off their body art whenever they have a chance. And I especially notice this when I go to the malls or just walk down the streets. I see women wearing tubes or low necklines to showcase their body art on their back or on their neck. Some men wear shorts and sleeveless to also show their tattoos on their arms or legs. And perhaps you too have experienced seeing a person with a tattoo, feeling confident about their ink on the body.

But not all the time do these people feel proud to show off their tattoos. In fact, I know of a friend who conceals her tattoo whenever she will have a job interview. Unlike chest tattoos for men or side tattoos for girls which can be easily hidden by wearing a shirt or a dress, her tattoo is on her right leg, just a little above the ankle. It is difficult to hide because she will have to wear slacks or socks. That gives her little flexibility on her interview attire.

I wonder how many other people out there are looking for ways to hide their tattoos and so I asked around and researched more about this subject, hoping that I could also help my friend.


Some tattoo placements are very easy to hide with clothing. Among them are tattoos in the chest, side, back, belly and upper thigh. Tattoos in other parts of the body such as arms, neck and face may be more difficult to hide. Also smaller tattoos are obviously easier to hide that larger ones. If you have a tattoo around the neck, a high collared shirt or a turtle neck can hide it. For women with tattoos on the ankle area as well as in the thighs and calves, just like my friend, they can be hidden by wearing knee length boots or dark tights. Long slacks or pants also work for both men and women. For large tattoos on the chest or belly area, wearing an undershirt can reduce their visibility. For tattoos in the arms, you could wear a light jacket or long-sleeved shirt or dress.


Bandages and accessories are only applicable for small tattoos. For instance, a small tattoo around your neck may be concealed by just wearing a scarf instead of a turtleneck shirt. For small tattoos on the wrist, you may hide it by wearing cuff bracelets or a watch with a thick band.


Some professional makeup artists claim that it is possible to hide certain tattoos using only makeup. However, since makeups are generally not waterproof, they may not be suitable for tattoos on areas that you frequently wash during the day, such as the hands. However, there are sealers that are water resistant which can help deal with sweat, but not washing.  One of the most popular brands of makeup for covering tattoos is Ben Nye. It is a coverup makeup which is applied like a foundation. But it may take several trials before you will be able to master the use of makeup for concealing your tattoo.

These are just some of the more effective ways on how to hide a tattoo based on my research. So the next time you will be on an interview on in any situation when you like to keep your tattoo out of sight, consider some of the tips mentioned here.