Understanding More About Hip Flexor Pain

  • SumoMe

While some brides prefer to just hire people to see most aspects of the ceremony and reception like decorating, flower arranging and others, some brides really like to be hands-on with their wedding preparations and would like to help out as much as possible. In my years of experience as a wedding planner, I have met a few brides who have this personality. They just like to be involved and to be part of every aspect of the preparation. This is okay. However, utmost care must be exercised at all times.

You don’t like to appear on your wedding day on crutches because you met an accident during preparation. Accidents do happen for those who are not careful. And one of the most common accidents is falling which may result to hip flexor strain. If you have that, you may have to endure hip flexor pain on your wedding, which can be extremely painful. In some instances, patients will have to undergo surgery which may entail observing anterior hip precautions afterwards. And this is something anyone doesn’t like to experience because it means being unable to do what you usually do.

Although hip flexor strain is common among athletes, it may also happen to ordinary people due to accidents, like when you fall from a certain height and it impacts the hip area. It can also happen if you are excessively bending or straining your hips. Symptoms include pain in the front hips or in the groin area and possible swelling.

If you are already experiencing the symptoms of hip flexor strain, you need to rest immediately to avoid further damage. Do not do any strenuous activity for the next 48 hours because your hip flexor needs time to heal. If the pain is too extreme, you may take over-the-counter pain relievers such as ibuprofen or aspirin. You could also wear compression wrap bandage or shorts to soothe the symptoms. If your injury is just mild, you may be able to recover from it within one week. For more severe injuries, it may take two to six weeks to fully recover.

Once the symptoms of the strain have subsided, there are also precautions that you must observe to prevent the strain from coming back. These include avoiding activities that can put too much pressure on your hip area. You should also do proper strengthening and stretching exercises as recommended by your therapist. If the pain recurs for no reason during this period, you should seek medical help. Longstanding or recurring pain in the hip flexor or groin area may indicate a more serious hip problem which needs a doctor’s attention. If the movement becomes really difficult, you may also have to use crutches.

The complications that you may experience from a simple fall may cause you unexpected inconvenience and discomfort during your wedding. That is why I strongly advice brides or even grooms to let others take charge of the preparations. And if you are still planning for your wedding, you may learn an important lesson from this article.