Unexpected Blessing

  • SumoMe

Having a baby is a very fulfilling thing any mother would dream about and long for. One really does not get to be a mother in all sense of the word, if one does not bring forth life unto this Earth. It is like being part of a miracle of life, a wondrous event that only they can be a part of. Now imagine giving birth to two infants at the same time. Now that is really an amazing thing, doubly amazing to be precise.

Well, as luck would have it, I happen to have twins myself and it was such a blessing for me to have two angels at one go. I can only imagine the other mothers who can’t even have one and here I am having two babies without really intending to. One can’t really describe that feeling of blessedness that comes along with having twins.

Am I now double the mother that I was originally supposed to be? Well I have to really, as it does need double the effort from me to raise them both at the same time. I already envisioned myself having a hard time raising a kid of my own, but to raise two of them, apparently that is out of my league already. Thankfully hubby is here to share the load.

Feeding time is really hectic as both of them seem to share only one mind, that whatever one wants, the other also wants. If one of them cries then you can be sure that the other will follow momentarily, good thing you just have to make one of them sleep as the other one will do too, most of the time.

We really were not expecting to have twins but we’re not complaining. It came as a wonderful shock to both my husband and I the last time we went for a checkup. We did not do ultrasound the first two trimesters of my pregnancy as we want the gender to be a surprise, little did we know that it was a girl apparently, but two of them.

We already bought the best pack n play for our baby to use, we already filled up two of the best lightweight luggage we can find full of baby implements, which thankfully was of the unisex variety, and we already have pre chosen baby names for both a boy and a girl for whatever comes out.

Now everything was a mess and everything had to be changed, as we have to make room for one more. The items we already bought were okay and we only had to buy another set of everything, which was fine.

But as I said, it was a rather wonderful development having twins. Now instead of one, we have two of the proposed four children that we were aiming for. We want to have a large family and this is definitely a giant step towards that. Who knows, maybe next time we can have triplets. Now that would be the day.