Wedding Colors and Combinations for All Seasons

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Wedding Colors and Combinations for All Seasons


colorsOnce upon a time the principal wedding colors were white and black. The bride was dressed in white, the wedding bouquet was white, sometimes with a touch of green, and the groom wore black, or at least a dark suit. If there was any color at all it would usually be found in the bridesmaid’s dresses, which could be any color, but were all the same color.


In today’s weddings the bride will usually stick with the traditional white, but there tradition stops. The groom may wear a blazer or smoking jacket of almost any color. The groom and the groomsmen usually need a little help in selecting a good color combination since men do not always the best taste in such things. The bridal bouquet might consist of a single color or a riot of colors.


The Better Homes and Gardens website offers a wide variety of tips on colors for weddings, including a helpful section on color combinations. One color that is suggested, and not with tongue-in-cheek either, is brown. That would seem to most to be terrible choice, even if you refer to it as chocolate or chocolate-brown. Brown is not suggested as a primary color however, but is used as a ‘touch’ here and there. That makes sense since brown goes well with almost any other color.


You’re apt to see a bit more color at outdoor weddings, especially those held in late spring or early summer. If the ceremony is held in a garden or anywhere that could be described as being scenic, black and white seem a little out of place. Black and white are winter colors, or so you might think. A few suggestions tend to suggest otherwise.


Wedding Colors for Spring


One of the favorites for spring appears to be a combination of blues, purples, and pinks. These three colors go extremely well together. If something lighter is preferred, try aqua as a main color, or as a companion with white. Aqua and white together provide a touch of elegance. Lavender is another good companion color with white. Lavender touched with green is even better, whether it’s for a gown, in a bouquet, or used for a decoration on the wedding cake. Peach and pale yellow are another outstanding combination.


Wedding Colors for Summer


wedding dayPurple and blue is a good combination for spring. It’s a good combination for a summer wedding as well. Light blues and deep purples seem to go best together, but you can certainly pick any shade of blue you wish. Believe it or not, black is a good color for a summer wedding. The bride and groom don’t dress in black, nor should anyone else for that matter, and it’s hard to find black flowers. Black   can be exceptionally attractive as a trim however, whether it is the color of the sash on a dress, the trim on tablecloths and napkins, or the color of the flower vases. Black sets off most colors, particularly yellows, reds, and oranges.


Wedding Colors for Fall


It’s hard to imagine a fall wedding, particularly one held in mid to late October, where you don’t see orange somewhere. It isn’t just pumpkins that provide the inspiration. Many of the fall blossoms tend to be yellow, orange, or a shade in between. Still, pumpkins and the colors of the fall leaves do have an influence. Consequently, one of the more popular color combinations is brown and gold. This is a time where brown as a wedding color, can be used in many different ways. Purple and orange go together as well, although this color combination is best suited for decorations rather than for attire. It’s the same way with brown and yellow with yellow being the dominant color. There’s still no place in a wedding for a brown suit, even if a yellow flower is worn in the lapel.


Wedding Colors for Winter


Winter just doesn’t seem to be the time for a wedding that features splashes of color unless the ceremony is being held in a tropical location. Green and white is one of the more popular color combinations. As was the case with aqua and white in the spring, green and white in the winter has a touch of elegance about it. The most popular color combination around Christmastime, at least for the wedding decor, is red and green. This combination is primarily used for church decorations, candles, and table decorations, and perhaps will be found the bridal bouquet or the groom’s boutonniere. If red and green are too bold, and green and white seem a little too tame, consider pink and white as your color combination.

These are all just suggestions of course. They are offered in the spirit of helping you get over any mental blocks as to which color combinations might be appropriate. There probably is no ‘best’ combination for any time of the year, although there are more than a few horrible ones. On occasion, a wedding is a theme wedding, in which case the season it’s held in may be of little significance. The best advice would be to go with what the bride and groom seem to be most comfortable with. It’s their wedding.